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Tips to Maintain the Coolant Hoses in Your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Coolant Hose

The engine of a car does most of the heavy lifting to ensure it functions efficiently. As the engine runs, it is bound to become extremely hot. These high temperatures can significantly interfere with the overall performance of the car. Worse still, overheating in the car can cause extensive damage to the other parts of the car or even start a fire, should the oil in the engine come into contact with the extremely hot parts.

The coolant hose plays a huge role in ensuring that the engine is kept cool enough to optimize its performance. The coolant hose is a device made out of rubber through which the coolant flows from the water pump to the heater in the engine. The mixture of water and coolant contained in the coolant hose absorbs heat effectively, keeping the engine cool. The hoses are also made of rubber so as to minimize the effects of pressure as well as the numerous vibrations from the engine. The engine is served by two hoses; the upper and lower hoses. The rubber coolant hoses are able to survive the extreme temperatures in the engine because it is treated with a heat shield.

Reasons for Problems in the Coolant Hoses

Coolant hoses in the Mercedes-Benz can develop problems for a number of reasons. The main reason why these hoses develop issues is because of wear and tear. Over time, the coolant hoses lives out its lifespan and this will be characterized by cracks, irregular bulges along the hoses, as well as stiffness. Cracks can also develop in the hoses because of electrochemical degradation. This is possible because the chemical coolant generates electric charges when it comes into contact with the different metals that the cooling system is made up of.

Another reason why the coolant hoses can develop problems is as a result of low coolant levels in hoses. This means that the heat in the running engine does not get to be efficiently carried away. The coolant levels can be lowered as a result of leakage in the hoses. In addition, the quality of material used in making coolant hoses also affects its operations. This is because of the heat that comes from the running of the engine can be extreme and this can cause damage to substandard coolant hoses.

Tips to Maintain the Coolant Hoses in Your Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz has some of the most efficient engines in the market today. These engines are backed by top-quality components in order to maintain the efficiency of these engines. Most manufacturers recommend that the coolant hoses be changed every 4 to 5 years, because after that time has elapsed then chances are that the hoses have outlived their usefulness.

Some of the ways in which a driver can help to prolong the life of their coolant hoses include:

Monitoring the coolant levels

The coolant in the coolant hose plays a vital role in ensuring that the cooling functions of the car are maintained. When the coolant level becomes too low, the engine will be affected by changes in temperature and this will also affect the rubber hoses, shortening their life span.

Using the correct coolant

The coolant fluid that goes through the coolant hoses needs to be of good quality in order to prevent corrosion of the rubber material. Sticking to the coolant brand recommended by the manufacturer will reduce the chances of using a coolant that may fail to suit your cooling hoses.

Getting quality replacements

In the course of replacing the cooling hoses in your Benz, you Mercedes-Benz GLC may end up with substandard hoses fitted in your car. Insisting on a parts dealer that has been licensed by the manufacturer will prevent you from getting poor quality hoses that have shorter life.

In addition, regular servicing of your Mercedes-Benz will help you to monitor the condition of the cooling hoses. Constant check-ups will make sure that the coolant levels are maintained and in the event of contamination then the coolant is replaced. Getting the services of a qualified technician in repairing the hoses in your car will help keep your Mercedes in perfect shape.

At Florida Transmission Repair, we have the expertise and skills required to provide repairs to luxury vehicle owners including the Mercedes Benz. We are also available to help you get your car back in good shape as soon as you drop us a line.

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