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Reasons Behind Oil Leaks in Audis

Audi Oil Leak

When someone mentions a leak, you usually think about that dreaded drip coming from the bathroom sink. While it might not seem like that little leak is a big deal, it could actually result in gallons of water being wasted every day. In the case of oil leaks, even the smallest leak can result in your car’s engine oil being depleted completely, causing many more problems down the road.

Especially when driving a nice car like an Audi, it is a priority to keep all parts running at full performance in order to be able to enjoy the perks of driving a nice car. One of the most essential parts of a car is the engine oil, which keeps the engine functioning properly.

Without oil, the engine will begin to clog and cough, jerking heavily with acceleration and reducing fuel efficiency greatly. Operating a vehicle for prolonged periods of time without proper engine lubrication will result in permanent engine damage and even possible explosion.

Why do Oil Leaks Happen?

It would be simply amazing if oil leaks never happened. However, they are a daily nightmare for many drivers and need to be addressed before consequences are faced. Oil leaks are simply caused by corrosion of the parts in and around the engine due to normal use of the engine. As fuel burns, it also produces several byproducts that react with the several seals and gaskets that are responsible for keeping the oil inside the engine, causing an oil leak.

Over time, these parts will corrode and form openings to the surroundings. Specifically, sludge created by the mixture of the oil and fuel is corrosive to the engine gasket. Some oil leaks are caused by an oil seal that no longer fully creates a seal to contain the oil/fuel system, resulting in oil leaking into the environment. Even the smallest breakage may result in a leakage, and the engine oil will begin to leak. Although oil leaks are inevitable, they are relatively easy to detect so that one may know when to have their vehicle serviced.

How to Identify an Oil Leak

Since oil leaks usually cause big problems with the car, they are very easy to detect. Perhaps the most obvious sign of an oil leak is that the volume of oil is less than it was previously. This is a direct sign that there is less oil than before. Next, the smell of burning oil may be detected from both inside the car and especially off the hot engine after a drive. These are red flags that suggest oil has leaked from its container onto the surroundings and burned off the hot surface of the engine. Finally, blue smoke coming out of the exhaust is an indicator of an oil leak. While burning fuel produces a yellow flame, burning oil results in a hotter flame that is visible as a blue flame. Any of these signs are a usually an indication that there is an oil leak.

Although knowing that an oil leak is present is usually simple, identifying its source is very difficult. Similar to how it is difficult to pinpoint a leak in a bicycle tire, doing so in an engine is even more complicated, given the bulk and complexity of the system. So, it is must safer to rely not on one’s own ability but instead to consult the advice of professionals.

The Solution

Audi A1 Sportback With something as important as the engine oil at hand, it is imperative that proper and prompt maintenance is done on the vehicle. While some might attempt to fix their own oil leaks, there is no guarantee that the leak will be fixed, and it is a very difficult task for inexperienced mechanics. With oil leaks, the problem typically originates from something underneath the car, so not only is the job complicated, but it can also be dangerous.

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* Audi A1 Sportback image credit goes to: supergenijalac.