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Importance of the Water Pump for Your BMW

BMW Water Pump

The water pump for your car is completely different from the one you use to water your garden. On the other hand, it more closely resembles the one you would use in the summer to stay cool in the heat. In any case, it is extremely important, and the case of cars, it is very necessary to stay safe.

Since BMWs are very comfortable, it can be easy to drive them for too long and completely forget that the engine produces a lot of heat. An excess of heat can damage the engine, causing other complications is neglected. As nice as it is to ride in a BMW, it is imperative to maintain the integrity of its parts to fully enjoy the advantages to being in a high-quality car.

What is a Water Pump?

The water pump is a system that includes a pipe that acts like a bubble for the engine, encasing and surrounding it. Its purpose is to transfer heat from the engine to the atmosphere. Since water has a high specific heat capacity, it serves as an efficient heat transfer medium without taking up too much space. The pump aspect of the water pump uses blades to push the water through the system, so that fresh, cool water is constantly transferring heat from the engine and that hot water is constantly releasing heat into the atmosphere.

As expected, this system is paramount for maintaining the temperature of the engine so that it can operate at maximum performance. Should the water pump fail and the engine overheat, the engine can completely fail and shut down on the middle of the road, which is a very serious threat to the driver and others on the road. Especially when the air conditioning is also in use, the water pump may not be able to cool the engine fast enough, resulting can in engine failure and damage.

Problems with the Water Pump

Over time, the water pump can suffer several problems that require maintenance. These usually take the form of degradation of the internal parts or a leak because of a damaged seal. In some cases, the blades used to pump the water can break and render the pump useless. Since water is being used, some of the parts may react with the water to form rust, which creates a grinding sound in the pump when it spins to push the water.

A lower volume of water compared to a previous check would reveal that water has been lost by the system, which would likely be due to evaporation of the water. However, if the water is disappearing significantly quickly, this may be an indication that there is a water leak. In the case that a blade breaks inside the pump, it is very difficult to go inside and fix it oneself. Compared to other more simple projects regarding cars, such as changing the oil, problems with the water pump are highly complicated and should be solved by experienced professionals.

How to Fix a Broken Water Pump

Depending on the problem, one might be able to fix a Broken BMW Water Pump broken water pump easily. The most simple but temporary fix to a water leak, for example, is to refill the water before each drive. This, however, is not very safe, due to potentially running out of water during the drive, and only addressing one problem with the water pump. The other problems typically require replacement of the entire system, and parts are not easily found. Furthermore, the removal and installation of the parts are extremely specific for every car and brand, so the best bet would be to consult the car dealer or other professional when it comes to the water pump.

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