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Importance of the VANOS System in a BMW


BMWs are great cars that are known for their smooth performance, great torque, low emissions, and fuel performance. These features are partially due to the VANOS system. This system regulates your engine’s exhaust system and its fuel intake.

What is the VANOS System?

The VANOS is a technology that was developed by BMW. It stands for Variable Nockenwellen Steuerung. The purpose of the system is to adjust the timing of the valves. It does so by changing the position of the camshaft. This allows for smoother idling and more torque. It also controls the oil flow to the cam gears, which is how it can adjust the timing. If the VANOS solenoids get dirty or clogged, they will not function properly and will significantly affect the horsepower and performance.

The VANOS system works with many parts of your engine, so it can encounter many problems from leaking to improper regulation. It regulates the engine’s oxygen intake and CO2 release. If your engine doesn’t receive the proper amount of oxygen then it can die or be sluggish.

Common Symptoms of a Bad VANOS System

Feels Sluggish

Does your car feel like it is going to stall or does it lack acceleration when you are driving at lower speeds? This could be due to the fact that your engine isn’t receiving the right amount of fuel in and exhaust out. This could be caused by a faulty VANOS system.

Idles Loudly

When you are stopped at a red light or a stop sign do you hear a rattling sound coming from your engine compartment? This is known as the VANOS rattle. The rattle happens because the gears that are engaged by the VANOS system are loose.

Check Engine Light

If your vehicle detects a problem, it will usually tell the check engine light to come on. This light can be triggered by many different types of problems. Never ignore the check engine light. Always take your car into the shop and have a professional mechanic run a diagnostic test to figure out the cause, so you can get the issue taken care of right away.

Replacing a Bad VANOS System

Keeping up on scheduled maintenance is an important step in keeping your VANOS system running smoothly and efficiently. Having dirty or clogged solenoids can cause poor oil flow. Keeping the solenoids clean or replacing them can help to prolong the life of your VANOS system.

Not all symptoms are detectable, and you might not know that there is anything wrong until it goes bad. However, there are a few maintenance tips that you can follow to help keep your system in proper working order. Replace your seals every 50,000 miles. You might not be able to see that the seals are bad, but they might be causing subpar performance. Around 70,000 miles it is a good idea to replace the VANOS system completely. If you haven’t already replaced it, it is wearing out and isn’t providing you with proper power.

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* BMW M2 image credit goes to: teddyleung.