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Oil Change

oil1Routine oil changes are among the most important services you can get for your car but often times drivers will ignore the recommended mileage intervals. While this may be okay with some cars when it comes to European vehicles, waiting to get an oil change can lead to numerous and expensive long-term issues. Using the highest quality replacement oil and filters, the mechanics at Florida Transmission & European Auto Repair offer drivers in and around Orlando dealership quality oil change services at a fraction of the price of the dealership.

Servicing the Best European Brands

At Florida Transmission & European Auto Repair our mechanics specialize in oil change services and maintenance for the area’s most popular European brands:

We use the latest factory grade materials for all of our oil changes to ensure that your car’s performance stays at an exceptionally high level.

Benefits of Annual Oil Changes

When you follow your car’s maintenance program for oil changes you will notice improved performance throughout your entire vehicle including:

  • Better engine performance
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Reduced emissions

Driving with old engine oil can not only diminish performance and fuel mileage; it can also lead to your engine seizing. If this happens you’re going to be stuck with a much more expensive bill then the standard oil change.

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For years Florida Transmission & European Auto Repair has helped drivers in and around Orlando and surrounding areas such as:

We offer a 3-year/5,000 mile warranty on most of our services and guarantee your satisfaction with each and every visit. If you’d like to schedule your next oil change with one of our experts or with any further questions please call or visit us today.