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Causes of Car Engine Overheating and How to Avoid It

Engine Overheating

Spring and summer are times when people want to get out on the road. There’s going to be a little traffic congestion, and that can be an invitation to the engine overheating. It doesn’t mean that rush-hour traffic is the only place where temperatures rise to a dangerous point. A car engine can overheat in many situations due to problems under the hood. If you know about them ahead of time, you can avoid these issues.
The cooling system is the first place. It is the radiator, hoses, water pump, and thermostat among other parts the system. The radiator can leak or get clogged up, leading to a malfunction. It creates an issue in the system, and a faulty radiator will lead directly to increased temperatures. The radiator might have a bad fan, and that will stop the radiator from regulating the temperature. The thermostat is very responsive to engine temperature and controls the amount of coolant going through the system. A thermostat which is going bad will not give the right amount of coolant, causing the engine to become unacceptably hot.
Hoses will wear out over time, making them very susceptible to leaks. A split in the hose will cause a drastic loss of coolant. A difficulty that can arise out of the hoses is a blockage. Anything that is going to impede the coolant flow throughout the system will lead directly to hotter temperatures. A water pump requires sufficient speed to do its job. Belts monitor the rate of speed and if one of the belts snaps, then the right pump rotation is impossible. The pump itself could have trouble with the shaft or the impeller vanes. The exhaust from the automobile will move heat away from the engine. A catalytic converter is a sensitive piece of machinery through which the exhaust will travel. If the catalytic converter is having problems, it can cause an exhaust backup, intensifying the heat in the engine and leading to a breakdown. The modern automobile relies on various sensors to provide information. A faulty coolant sensor is going to send the wrong information to the car’s central computer. The final cause of overheating is the concentration of the coolant fluid used. If it is too weak that sufficient will not be available to keep the engine a reasonable temperature.
The head gaskets can also contribute to the danger of excessive heat. A pressure test is ordinarily used to determine only one task, and some of the parts of the system are not leaking but are still causing trouble. It is essential to have a proper diagnosis made of where the problem originates. A good car service center is going to have diagnostic equipment with which to do a full examination and find out what is going wrong. It could be an ineffective water pump or a catalytic converter that went bad. On the another hand, it also can be something as simple as not enough coolant. A car should be looked at by a professional.
Woman Repairing Car

Overheating on the highway or in heavy traffic is not just an inconvenience. It can be a safety problem as well. You have to be careful if your car overheats because you can experience severe burns if you touch anything that is as hot as it gets under the hood. What you have to do is pull over to the side of the road and call for road assistance. It is better than trying to locate the problem by yourself.
Prevention always saves money in future repairs and keeps you safe. At this time of the year, you should be thinking of having your cooling system inspected. The weather is mild at the moment but is going to get very hot in just a couple of weeks. The service centers and auto shops will be booked solid later on. You have an opportunity right now to schedule a convenient appointment, have the system checked for possible leaks or malfunctions, and be ready for days on the road ahead. If your mechanic makes a suggestion about possible repairs or preventive measures, take this advice seriously. It is coming from professional who has worked on numerous cars. If you have to pay a little extra to be safe, it is certainly worth it.