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  • Piston

    Engine Knock Diagnosis & Repair

    You depend on your vehicle for just about everything when it comes to your daily life. Whether it’s getting you to work, your kids to school or any other errands that you may have to take care of, you need your car to stay reliable and dependable to keep your routine in motion.   One of the ... Read more

  • Pressure Gauge

    Are You Checking Your Tire Pressure Regularly?

    One of the most understated aspects of maintaining your vehicle is to be sure that the tires are always properly filled. Maintained tires can have an impact on everything from how your vehicle handles to the fuel mileage your vehicle gets. While it is extremely beneficial for your car, most... Read more

  • Guy Checking Car Engine

    Different Sounds Under the Hood and What They Mean

    Often times when driving, we can feel when something is wrong with our vehicle. With how much time we spend driving everywhere, it can be easy to notice when something feels slightly different or off from how it normally feels.   Harder to identify are the sounds your vehicle can make ... Read more

  • Couple On a Road Trip

    Things To Check Before Your Summer Road Trip

    It is spring, and you may be looking out the window, thinking about the summer vacation you are planning. You expect to have a lot of fun, and you may be wondering of all the great things you are going to be doing. However, it is a smart idea to put the vacation daydreams aside and think about the ... Read more

  • Is It Okay To Skip Your Auto Maintenance Schedule?

    There are a lot of questions in life that you can’t answer with a simple yes or no or even with a few concise words. Take the question “Is It Okay to Skip Your Auto Maintenance Schedule?” for example. There is a lot involved with a question like this so it’s better to break it down and look at it a little... Read more